The stately manor of Quinta da Cruz

A Public Interest Monument Of Portugal

Quinta da Cruz, built between the XVth and the XVIIth century, is an representative example of rustic architecture of the traditional residences of famous families of Algarve.

In accordance with the tradition of the rural XVth century house of Algarve, it was initially on one level before a second floor would be built later. Its tiled roofs with several slopes are typical, and end in a shape of dome which shelters a chapel.

This private chapel was devoted in 1791 by the bishop of Algarve D. Francisco Gomes Avelar.

Quinta da Cruz belonged to the family Mascarenhas Neto and, like the other houses of the farm, had an important role in the local economy thanks to its oil mill.

Its well fed the water of the village of Alcantarilha during centuries.

According to a local myth, a secret door at the bottom of the well, unabled to escape the invasion of pirates, frequent at that time.

Quinta da Cruz was found by its owner in a the state of ruin : Abandoned, looted and ready to be demolished.

Still, an energy and a majestic simplicity of the place had emerged. Restored, this energy was increased tenfold.

It took many years of effort and perseverance to revive it, like a Phoenix from its ashes.

Today, the Capela das Artes Hotel is the only lodging facility in the Algarve classified as a monument of public interest.

While providing comfort and modernity, a careful state of the art renovation promoted the preservation of Portuguese heritage. 

Staying at the Capela das Artes Hotel will allow you to finger the history of Algarve and its people.

A visit with the owner will show you the small and great stories of this historic place.

Master’s House : reflections of Portuguese history.

A Public Interest Monument Of Portugal


he architectural complex includes a splendid manor house and its chapel which dates back to the 15th century, an oil factory from the 17th century and an old stable.

Decorated with beautiful vintage furniture and artworks, the house will delight you through its unique style.

You will be transported in different atmospheres according to the origin of the pieces that you will contemplate.

The owner will gladly tell you the story of theses amazing objects

Main house of a 6-hectare property, its history is associated with the Mascarenhas Netto family, who lived there for nearly 6 centuries.

It was also the place of residency of very important people and saw the birth of others such as José Diogo Mascarenhas Netto, close to the court, he was responsible for the great revolution of the Portuguese post office in the 19th century.

This small and simple chapel that gave its name to the establishment, is still used today to celebrate weddings or baptisms. It reflects the firm belief that inspired the popular faith at this time.

"This lovely property has an excellent position in Algarve. The gardens of the property are just magniand the staff are very friendly, always ready to help and also show the property which includes beautifully restored buildings from 15th and 17th centuries with antique objects. The breakfast is nice, the special treat is the freshly squeezed orange juice."