For whom, how and why?

Our Philosophy

Capela das Artes Hotel is a┬áprivileged environment where it feels good to come back after a day of visits in Algarve. Begin your day with a delicious breakfast, enjoy the swimming pool, take a stroll down the garden with its multiple local essences, read a book on your private terrace, explore the domain and the house to discover their secrets, and plunge into their history… According to your wishes and desires, let yourself┬ábe┬ácarried┬áaway by the spirit of the place.

For whom ?

  • Couples longing for a hotel where they can have time just for themselves, create memories, and share romantic intimate moments with their loved one.

  • Any person needing a getaway from the stress of life,┬á wishing to rest and experience peace and tranquillity.

  • All people loving charm hotels, you will immediately feel at home.

  • History amateurs, with a taste for old buildings, who choose authentic settings for their holidays.

Services : Petit d├ęjeuner restaurant

How ?

We have designed a place where you can give free rein to your desires. It’s your holidays!

What we propose :

  • A human-sized hotel, with only 30 rooms on a large domain of 6 hectares . All is said! Space is the ultimate luxury.

  • A unique and charming hotel, with a lovely garden gathering magnificent ancient olive trees : the perfect place to create timeless memories.

  • Comfortable and quiet rooms, ideal to spend a delightful and romantic moment with your beloved one.

  • A warm welcome and a personalized service. We are always pleased to meet our guests and share our passion of Algarve.

  • A simple and friendly atmosphere, because holidays are a time when you should feel free to be yourself.

  • An ideal location to enjoy the beautiful assets of Algarve.


Natural & Relaxing

The beautiful infinity pool is located in the heart of the garden, surrounded by olive and palm trees. You can enjoy its two pools with waters heated by the sun throughout the day, or relax in the shade of one of its pergolas and umbrellas.

Here too, we designed a swimming pool large enough to offer space to each person. No problem of sunbed availability, no crowded pool. You can relax : you will find your spot.



To get the day off to a good start!

The breakfast buffet will be served in the Manor House of the XVth century or on the terrace.

It includes :

Breakfast restaurant

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Experiences and visits

Staying at the Hotel Capela das Artes could be a first step in discovering the history and culture of the Algarve.

You will have the opportunity to visit the place and we will tell you more about the Quinta da Cruz: the role of the Mascarenhas-Neto family in the history of Algarve and Portugal, the story of the small chapel and its renovation, the former olive oil press and the economic role it occupied for years.

We will also tell you about the olive trees in the garden, the oldest of which are more than a thousand years old!

We will share with you the story of this project : All the progress made, and the challenges faced. The original purpose of Angel, owner of the place, psychiatrist, but also painter, was to create a cultural center twinned with the hotel : To host art and crafts exhibitions, concerts, shows, but also offer courses and workshops of paintings, sculptures, ceramics.

After a few years of operation things took a different direction, and the cultural center was abandoned.

But Art and Culture are part of the genesis of the hotel. The name of the hotel attests to this: Capela das Artes, the Chapel of the Arts in English.

Today creativity and culture remain very present at the hotel Capela das Artes : Spaces, materials, colors, objects, trees...everywhere Art invites itself without limit to surprise you.

Discovering the Algarves

To make your stay unforgettable and live the algarvian culture, we can advise you a range of beautiful experiences to live with our partners and neighbors.

Why the Algarves?

When we think about Algarve, the first image that comes to us is the beach, the sea, the ochre cliffs... But the Algarve is not only about the coast.

There are "two other Algarves" more rural, less populated, with varied landscapes: the Serra, the small mountain, and the Barrocal, the transition between the mountain and the coast.

In each of the Algarves, we will guide you to the beaches we prefer or small villages where we like to stroll.

And we will offer you experiences or visits with our partners, who will make you live their Algarve with passion and generosity :

  • Julie and Helder will take you fishing or visit the marine caves.
  • Edith will take you on a tour of her neighbouring vineyard, and will offer you a tasting accompanied by Portuguese tapas.
  • Gloria and her colleagues, will propose you to discover the orange culture, the production of honey, the work of cork...

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our dedicated page.

"Perfect welcome, park of centenary olive trees, spacious and impeccable rooms, rich and varied breakfast, a favorable place for relaxation and absolute rest"