Project Description

To discover an Authentic Algarve, visit the market…


Every year during Summer, the medieval city of Silves opens its market to visitors at night: it is called “Mercado Fora d’Horas” which means “Market outside opening hours”.

This small market is situated along the river Arade. For the occasion, the local market is open in the streets around which  a convivial atmosphere.

It’s time to taste typical food of Algarve, and buy fruits and vegetables to local small growers.

Beautiful & delicious local oranges (Silves is the Capital of the Orange), figs, almonds, tomatoes, potatoes that are produced around the city and sold by friendly people at a very competitive price !

You can also fill your cart with some honey of mostly orange and rosemary flowers of Algarve.

Folks songs, local handcraft demonstration or fire-eater are present to animate the market and the streets around during the evening…

What to expect?

Fruits and Vegetables : Orange, Lemon, fig, apricot, plum, tomatoes, avocados…

Aromatical & Medicinal Herbs : Chamomille, Verbena, Parsley, thyme, rosemary…and a lot of herbal mix.

Pastries : Carrasquinhas Algarvias (meringue with almonds), Orange cakes, almonds cakes, nuts cakes, Adorable small Marzipan in the shape of fruits or animals, and delicious flowers made with figs and almonds…

Handcraft : Purses, coasters, bookmarks made from cork. A lot of souvenirs with azulejos pattern…

Honey & Jam: Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Orange flowers honey

Where to eat in the area ?

Close to the market, you will find some churrasqueiras (Local restaurants cooking famous Portuguese grilled chicken).

If you explore the small streets around, you will discover the most famous seafood restaurant of Silves : Marisqueira Rui (click here to see TripAdvisor reviews)

To know more?

Visit the website of Silves City, click here : Mercado fora d’horas/Summer Night Market – Silves